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Sifu Richard Gamboa


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Southern Praying Mantis

Basic Laymen Training Program

A program designed for basic students with or without martial arts experience.  White Sash to Yellow Sash curriculum covering fundamental martial arts skills, Basic stances, Footwork, Hand Techniques, Strikes, plus practical self-defense skills, physical conditioning and Black Sash attitude training.  A minimum 1 year in this program is required for the Black Sash Program.  The Basic Training Program is designed to determine if membership is right for the student.

Black Sash Warrior Program

This is a by invitation only program designed for Intermediate member students wishing to pursue a Black Sash.  Yellow Sash to Black Sash curriculum is based on the traditional Jook Lum Mantis, Chu Gar Mantis, and Iron Ox Mantis.  A comprehensive training program including self-defense application, basic weapons (staff, spear, broadsword, double-edged sword) and iron rings training, Lay Tai sparring, 5 Elemental Leadership Skills, and the 8 Life Principles of Success.  And free membership in the Black Sash Society.


Instructors Path Program

This is a by invitation only program designed for committed Advanced member students wishing to pursue a Path of Self-Mastery.  Yellow Sash to 5th Degree Black Sash curriculum including all Black Sash Program training, plus comprehensive instruction in Power Strength, Team Competition, Chi Kung, also features training in 6 more traditional weapons, board breaking and iron hand training, and eligibility (with instructor's approval) for Certified Instructor Training Program (C.I.T.) and accelerated rank advancement.  And free membership in the Black Sash Society.

Master Sage Program

This is a by invitation only program designed for committed Highly Advanced member students wishing to pursue a Path of Mastery.  Master Instructors focus on Black Sash training from 6th through 10th degree, with emphasis on 6 more advanced weapons training, which would make 18 traditional weapons, free sparring, weapons sparring, Shuai Chiao, Tai Chi, specialized forms and Certified Instructor's Training (C.I.T.).  Also includes in-depth study of martial arts history, origin, philosophy and life applications, plus disciplines such as calligraphy, drumming and Language, Chinese herbal medicine, and the activities of the Tong Long Black Sash Society.

Action Kung Fu Certified Instructors Training Program (C.I.T.)

This is a comprehensive training program for the individual wishing to become a professional successful martial arts instructor.  The program covers all aspects of running a martial arts school including teaching techniques such as teaching beginners through advanced students, student protocols and business systems.  This program is for the most dedicated martial artist who wants to devote his life to teaching.

Action Kung Fu Tong Long Black Sash Society

This is a social organization available to all Black Sashes, designed to further their martial arts training and teachings through special events, community activities and charitable projects. Members of this group receive additional high level martial arts training, specialized Kung Fu forms and weapons training from Action Kung Fu Instructors.